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Expand Your Reality

Test your boundaries and harness your creative spirit in this interactive musical performance


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IN THIS INTERACTIVE MUSICAL PERFORMANCE, guests will take an emotional journey that allows them to realize their individual and collective power, demonstrating their control over the way they see and shape the world around them. As beacons of light, their energy causes light to flow, breathing life into the experience in a rhythmic mimicking of a heartbeat 

TAKE A JOURNEY and learn wisdom from conduits of knowledge as you seek to become an agent of the change you wish to see in the world. They will show us that we are not powerless, and that this is our time to rise, individually and collectively, so that we may reach our true potential for love and compassion. 

POWERED BY YOU: Synchronized group movement and participation is proven to increase trust and cooperation. The Rising explores different methods of interaction that intuitively respond in real-time to guests’ movements.  The more the experience resonates with participants, the easier it becomes to unpack ideas, comprehend different perspectives and, ultimately, bring change for the better as they become part of a unified experience in this symbiosis between art and technology. 

The Rising: An Awakening Performance 

Plays 3 days a week (Thursday, Friday and Sunday) 

April 9-May 9, 2021 

At Rainbow Vomit -

Dallas' #1 rated immersive art exhibit.

Tickets include:
Proceeds will benefit The Exude Love Foundation, a not-for-profit organization  
dedicated to raising consciousness through forms of art and creative expression.

Open Your MIND

leave your phone BEHIND

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Oracle - K
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Create Light Where There Is Darkness!



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At Rainbow Vomit -
Dallas' #1 Rated Immersive Art Exhibit

  The Music  


Guided by the powerful arrangements of the acclaimed UK group HAELOS, their music sets the tone across a multitude of themes throughout the experience. Their music “questions the concept of god and religion and its power over humanity. It’s saying we need to help each other at a human level. The way to the other side, the sublime, is to help each other and spread love and care for each other. At the end of the day, only we can help each other. There’s not going to be some profound, miraculous event that will unite us all. It’s hard work and care, putting individualistic leanings to one side and connecting.” - HAELOS

The musical arrangements start off with a quote from British philosopher and writer Alan Watts that perfectly sets the tone of this moving experience that touches on themes of love, loss, hope, and despair.

Exude Love as naturally as the sun gives off heat” - Alan Watts
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  The Team  

The Rising is produced in partnership with an incredibly talented group of artists that span across many creative disciplines including music production, projection mapping, 3D animation, interactive light technology, and theater arts. 

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Exude Love Foundation

The Exude Love Foundation is dedicated to raising consciousness through forms of art and creative expression designed to open us to humanity’s true potential for love and compassion. By investing in artists, guilds, and creative projects with an emphasis of raising collective consciousness, we hope to serve as a catalyst for individual and collective transformation while supporting various artistic communities. 


Enviral Design

Enviral Design is an independent creative technology firm captained by Lucas Morgan of Dallas, TX. Creator of the GeoPix software, a playful and creative 3D pixel-mapping engine with an emphasis on jam-ability and live performances across multiple mediums in real-time, Enviral Design is responsible for the interactive lighting technology and projection mapping capabilities of The Rising.

Rainbow Vomit exude love logo WIDE.png

Rainbow Vomit

Rainbow Vomit is an immersive art experience. One of Dallas’ top-rated museums and voted among the best things do in Dallas, it is both an interactive photography exhibit and a unique venue and event space, The installations were built by a team of over 20 artists and creatives, led by creators Deanna Theis, Robert Andrews, and Jason Mendez.


Datagrama Visuals

Datagrama visuals is a collective of designers & creative coders that do live visuals & light installations using generative design & projection mapping. United by the passion of real time performance and generative design, their art explores themes of consciousness through various visual mediums. For the Rising their artists created original videos and 3D animations that play during the performance.



English electronic group HÆLOS’ trip-hop revival style incorporates hypnotic atmospherics, pulsing beats, and haunting vocals. They issued their debut Full Circle in 2016 which serves as the musical conduit of the Rising performance. Teaming up with lead producer Dom Goldsmith, HÆLOS has customized a soundtrack specifically designed to create the right moods and frequencies in tune with the feeling of the performance.



Lighting designer Dustin Klein and his team at Videometry Visuals are talented wizards of lighting, projection mapping, and visual effects. Responsible for the notable “Reclaiming the Monument” projections on the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, VA, their work addresses systemic racism, human rights, and historical narratives through public art, making them a perfect fit for this project.


Alan Watts | Mateo Marquez 

Oracle | Kem Wilkerson
Conduits of Knowledge | Bonnie Welch,

Lorrie Westbrooks
Agents of Change | Izaeyah “Senpaii” Blackwell,

Geoff Sykes, Alli Bryant, Bash Kouture, Christian Anyalem, Lydia Lococo


Jason Mendez, Jim Baldwin, Daisy Pardo,

Cody “Middle Eye” McDonald, Doug Andrews, Kim McCord, Philip Armstrong, Andre Gomez, Indya Sade,


Created by | Deanna Theis
Script by | Rob Andrews
Music and Lyrics by | HAELOS

Directed by | Deanna Theis 
Produced by | Deanna Theis & Rob Andrews
Musical Director | Keartra Smith

Technical Directors | Lucas Morgan & Rob Andrews

Lighting Engineer | Lucas Morgan

Audio Engineer | Dom Goldsmith
Assistant Producer | Aimee Hall
Costume Design | Zandria Theis
Set Design | Deanna Theis
Set Builder | Katie Collins

Photographer | Joel Hubbard


  The Details  

no phones allowed

This is a no phones allowed event so you may unplug and connect fully with the experience!



Purposely designed for safety and intimacy, the Rising allows a maximum 8 participants per showing.​ 


The Rising is performed at the Rainbow Vomit art exhibit in Dallas, TX. located at 3609 Parry Ave.

What Safety Measures are in place?

Our CASPR air filtration system provides continuous disinfection of air and surfaces, providing an added layer of protection for attendees. Additionally, participants will be required to wear face coverings for the duration of the performance. 

This event involves walking, standing, sitting, dancing, and participating in activities with performers so please wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Please note this performance contains moments of:

  • Fog

  • Strobe lighting effects

  • Prolonged darkness

  • Loud music 

  • Content which viewers may find disturbing

Please inquire further if you have any sensitivities that may be triggered due to elements in the performance.

What’s the running time?

The Rising is designed as 1 hour experience. Please arrive on time to receive the maximum impact


There is free parking available for all attendees. Rainbow Vomit is also accessible via the DART at the Fair Park stop.


While Rainbow Vomit is wheelchair accessible, this performance unfortunately will not be fully ADA compliant. Please contact us if you plan to attend in a wheelchair or have other mobility concerns. 

Queries or quibbles? Contact us via our chat feature or email us at 


leave your phone



Rainbow Vomit

3609 Parry Ave.

Dallas, TX 75226


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